All Good Things Come To An End

Seven years and a couple of months ago my life fell apart - for a while anyway. Nightwish, my favourite band, the reason for all the good things, the saviour of my teenage years had dismissed their lead vocalist who at the time was just about the idol number one in my adolescent eyes. It took several hour-long phonecalls with my best friend to get over the first shock provoked by this dramatic news, followed by months of not talking about anything else.
Many tears were shed. Many dreams got crushed. And tabloids wouldn't shut up about the topic for weeks either. There was a considerable amount of drama around at that time.

Two days ago Nighwish released a press statement informing that their current singer would be leaving immediately due to unmanageable collision of interests.
My initial reaction was something like this:

" what? no why? it can't be no no no NOPE just no and why why why? ugh, what are you doing you idiots? stop it is today April Fool's Day? this is a terrible joke guys just drop it okay I won't accept this whyyyyyyyyy? also, N O "

Then I quickly went through some websites to refine that this thing was actually real and once convinced that there was nothing to do, I asked myself 'why' a couple more times and decided that getting emotional wouldn't do any good because consequently I have a university to attend to.
So, then I just joined my flatmates and continued knitting my socks.

At first, I was quite surprised about how coolly I was able to take the news. I didn't cry, I didn't roll on the floor in despair. There was only that aforementioned surge of puzzled, startled noes and whys. I always loved Anette, and by no means wanted her out; on the contrary, I was and am upset about this turn of events. However, I suppose that the previous hassle about changing the lead singer taught me to have faith in the band: their first vocalist was practically The Queen almighty for the fans and for most people the whole Nightwish came down to her voice, and yet hiring a new member in her stead made the band even bigger and more successful.
I figure my brain has been programmed to have a complete and utter trust in Tuomas and the others. If replacing their female vocalist is necessary for the well-being of the band, even if it comes out of the blue and nobody has agreed to give any interviews to shed some light on the business, it's not my place to question the decision. As long as they keep on making that amazing music and playing mind-blowing concerts, I don't care who's tottering at the centre of the stage.
I loved Tarja, I loved Anette, most likely I will also love Floor Jansen who's Anette's replacement, and should there be someone else after her, I can't see any reason why I wouldn't learn to love that person as well.

One thing that I most certainly do not love is the fact that Finnish media appears to have an uncontrollable urge to produce as many pointlessly dramatic headlines over the matter.
Guys, nobody fucking cares so get a life and how about some more important things to write about while you're at it.

(As I'm currently residing in Wales and therefore out of Finnish papers' and TV's reach if I so wish to, there is really no one to blame other than myself: if I don't want to be aware of their bullshit, I don't need to. But I'm pretty stupid so I read that stuff online anyway.)

Another thing thing that pisses me off greatly is the bunch of idiots who, as soon as the news of Anette's leaving was public, started mouthing their wishes of Tarja's return.
How about no?
Just consider it, Anette and the band didn't part in malicious spirits, whereas Tarja got kicked out quite brutally, after which it became more than obvious that her and the guys' bond was irreparably damaged. How on earth could anyone even consider that her return would be possible? And now that I said it, it will happen.
Except that no.

Anyhow, I guess this - meaning the not-crying-and-shaking-for-hours part - ought to be counted as mature, in my terms at least. Having crawled out of the ruins of my fallen world several times after major disappointments you could say I've learned not to let my world be built out of merely one kind of material. A band can't be your life because eventually they will quit, a person can't be your life because eventually they will go away, a hobby can't be your life because anything could happen and prevent you from doing it. You have to be your life, that's the only way.

Hmm, that was dramatic.

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