Meet the person behind this madness

Hello there,

My name is Anni and I'm the writer of this blog, which is actually a diary for me.
The reason why such a lair of insanity has been created and still exists is the unfortunate fact that without one my mess of a brain would probably destroy itself. In common language, I feel the need to organise my thoughts through writing, and as I am the centre of the universe I've decided to do it publicly. Since this is my personal blog, the purpose of which is to help me keep myself together, the content has been, is, and will be more or less chaotic moodflow. Regardless of addressing the readers from time to time, that's as far as I go with being reader-friendly: most of the time I simply pour out everything that's buzzing through my mind in no logical order and quite often in an incomprehensible form. My writings circle around the same topics over and over again, but I do try not to repeat myself too much. Without notable success, though.
Also I'm no philological genius, my English is not particularly excellent and I seldom even bother to read through what I've written. And how else could I convince you not to read this blog any further?

Seriously though, if you find yourself absorbed by the depths of my complex mind don't hesitate to leave a comment. Only remember this: it's no use criticising because I'm not writing to please anyone and if you're evil it will only hurt me and then I might jump off some bridge like the mental person I am. You wouldn't want to be causing my death, would you?

Here's a list of things you should remember when spending time in Anniworld
  • If I'm certain of something or swear something, be cautious for I tend to do the exact opposite in the future.
  • My sexual identity is always a relevant topic to discuss.
  • Gay rights are also something I'll never cease to talk about.
  • When I sink in the deepest depth of depression I come here to whine about it.
  • I will never get tired of analysing my unstable emotional life.
  • I rarely write anything in a sensible state of mind.
  • Despite all angsting I am not suicidal or depressed, but merely pathetic and struggling with my whole being.
  • My tags do not make any sense.
  • Sometimes I claim to be repeating myself when I'm not. This is caused by my super disorganised mind. Don't mind it.
Now, go and enjoy. Or run as far as you can as fast as you can. And never come back.
And remember, we're all mad here.


By the way, in case someone was wondering, the name of this blog-diary-thing, Misery loves company, comes from a song of Emilie Autumn's.