She Greets You

Just a quick update to set my readers' minds at rest.

In my previous entry I expressed my puzzlement and concern about the hideous amount of stress-related symptoms I was experiencing without being fully aware of the cause of such sensations. Stressing over a bunch of things buzzing at the back of my head rather than worrying about one overpowering issue was something of a new experience for me but I'm glad to announce feeling slightly more composed at the moment.

I've settled down in a new house with three friends of mine in the town where all of us are studying. After some manic hoovering and dust-sweeping I have managed to get my room and the kitchen in a presentable shape which, knowing the starting point for this challenge, is a real achievement. There are numerous things to do for my bedroom until it meets my standards but as of now, I'm quite happy about its outlook.

I'm extremely super anxious about financial stuff because getting a job in a place like this is pretty much hopeless, and the expenses for living and studying seem to ascend gradually. However, I'm looking forward to getting started with my course again - not without a slight feeling of dread to be sure. It was nice seeing all of my course mates and tutors after the summer holiday while also not being one of the terrified freshers that I belonged to a year ago.

Concentrating on making the house - The Castle, as we call it, nice and homely has taken most of what little time I've spent here, in Wales. I haven't had time and energy to exercise for a couple of days, which although annoying, might actually be a positive course of events as my body underwent quite a bootcamp of dancing during my last month in Finland. Now I've been able to recover, and I assure you that once I manage to acquire myself a pair of trainers I'll be off running faster than you can say "Usain Bolt". Dance classes remain a non-existent activity round here unless you're under 18 or above 50 years old. Somehow I cannot find myself to fit in those limits. But I'll figure out something.
At least doing yoga requires nothing but some space and a sticky mat, both of which I fortunately possess.

In summary, my mind and my body are a lot more peaceful locations at present than several days ago. I still do have a certain nagging, multi-dimensional issue that demands discussing over ... but since I've been able to re-obtain the mostly infallible denial strategy I don't think I'll bother any time soon. Yes, I know it'll blow up right on my face one day. No, I do not acknowledge the possibly severe consequences somewhere in the future.

Peace out.