Day 8 - A photo of your favourite band/musician

My ultimate favourite band of all time is without a doubt, Nightwish. I'm no hard core metal fan but the amazing music of Nightwish created by it's heart and soul Tuomas Holopainen never fails to affect on me. During the nearly 15 years of Nightwish's existence its music has evolved, but without abandoning the fundamental reasons and greatest sources of inspiration behind it. Throughout Nightwish's career the influence of film music, Disney, escapism, dreams and Northern melancholy can be recognised despite the changes in the composition of the group or the risen success and increased budget, which has enabled the use of symphony orchestras, gospel choirs and various guest stars. Even though Nightwish is indisputably one of the most popular and successful Finnish bands the musicians have always had a humble and down-to-earth attitude towards their fans. For a fan the possibility to meet and share even a few words with their idols is an unforgettable experience. I've met Tuomas three times and always gotten a chance to say something, hug and take a photo. I don't know him but I dare say he is exactly what he seems to be: an ordinary and shy dreamer form the backwoods of Kitee never wanting to grow up.

Tuomas Holopainen has described the new Nightwish album in progress to be a "Burton-Gaiman-Dali-amusement park", which sounds even too good to be true to me Burton being my favourite film director, Gaiman being one of my favourite authors and Dali being my favourite artist. I'm exceedingly excited to hear what the maestro has to offer this time.
Given that Dark Passion Play was a true masterpiece my expectations are quite high.

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