Day 2 - A photo by your favourite photographer.

To begin with, I'm very bad at remembering people's names. It doesn't make a difference whether a person is a great artist or a new acquaintance - I'm most likely to forget their name in an instant. That's why I usually don't have many favourite artists: I simply cannot recall their names.
 Even when I started to think about whose photograph I'd like to present today I struggled to remember the name of one of my idols. To be honest, I had to go to my Facebook info and find this artist's page I'd liked. Really embarrassing.

Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, Richard Avedon.
 Well obviously the woman in this picture is not Richard Avedon.

Richard Avedon does mainly portraits but also fashion and documentary photography.
The reason why I chose to name him as my favourite photographer is that I admire the way he brings each of his models' personality into the pictures without loosing his own recognisable style. I love the light in his photos and the unconventional poses which both make them more interesting and show something about the person in them. They tell stories about people and question what is traditionally considered as a portrait.

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