Out of closet

Just have to tell everyone cos I feel a bit freaked out.
I finally told my parents that I have girlfriend.
They weren't really delighted but said they'd accept me the way I am.
Guess they need some time to think this through before they can actually be happy for me.
It's a little sad but I understand it can be difficult if you've been raised to think that homosexuals are not normal.
Anyway, I'm proud that I managed to get the words out. Keeping secrets really bugs me so it's better and easier to be around mum and dad now that I don't have to keep anything from them.
I only hope our relationship won't change because of this.

1 comment:

  1. Hienoa, että sait kerrottua. :)
    Varmaan heillä menee jonkin aikaa sulatella, mutta uskon, että elämä jatkuu kuten ennen. Et kuitenkaan ole persoonana, saati ihmisenä ylipäätään, muuttunut mihinkään.
    I'm proud of you. <3