Let's eat some words.

First, let's quote myself.

"Maybe I will never fell in love with anyone. I'll be a lonely wolf for the rest of my life and give all my love for my friends and my camera. Yeah, that sounds like a good plan. ;)"

Okay, how ridiculous.

"5. Hugging people is one of my favourite ways to show affection. Some of my friends actually call me huggy bear."

That's a lie. Only one person calls me huggy bear and she's more than a friend. Has been longer than I've realised.

"By now it's probably become rather clear that I have no intention to get involved with a romantic relationship--"

Yeah, well you wouldn't plan it, would you?

"--I'm not in the least aiming at
1) confessing anyone anything and
2) even if I was, I wouldn't like the relationship in question to evolve or change into something else."

Oh, dear.

Can I have some salt with this pile of words I'm supposed to eat?

But wait.
I'm not totally, completely out of my mind.
Here you go.
Finally some sensible words.

"Should I ever fall in love seriously, I wouldn't keep it hidden. Or at least I like to think I wouldn't ;)"


  1. never say never :)

  2. Vannomatta paras? Nääf. :P

  3. I'm reading this entry over and over again.
    How pathetic am I? ;D