My parents are complete nutters.

Yes. They are.
In my last entry I told you about getting out of the temporary closet I had to hide myself until I'd gotten enough courage to talk to my parents. Their first reaction was, briefly: " W T (F) ... ? " then after a couple of hours: "Sorry dear, we didn't mean to be so indifferent. Of course we accept you the way you are. We just didn't know what to say. etc"
It seems that now they think they've somehow traumatised me forever by not being immediately supportive after having discovered their little princess is kinda gay.
All of a sudden they started asking how am I doing, what have I been up to today, is everything alright and such. I know these kind of things are parts of normal human interaction, but now mum and dad are doing them more often than they used to. It's pretty amusing actually. But that doesn't clear out the fact that they are a little crazy.

Other proofs of my parents' craziness:

1.I didn't come home the other night. In the morning mum called me and asked if I wanted to go and have lunch with her. She had also picked up some of my stuff on the floor of my room in order to make it easier for our cleaner to do her job there.
Mum could've just called at some ungodly hour and ordered me to come home to clean my own mess.

2.Sometimes my dad just puts money on my bank account even though I tell him not to.

3.My mum finds me brave because I'm with a girl. I'd just like to sigh very loudly and tell her it has nothing to do with having courage but being in love.

4.They tried to make me change my old cell phone into a newer one. I thought the old one was still okay and refused to have them pay for some new, fancy one.
(Well, eventually I asked an iPhone for a Christmas present)

5.If my room is messy enough my mum begins to tidy it and arrange my things. Again without asking. In addition she has a constant urge to decorate and rearrange my furniture.

Mum's the worse nutcase I think.

But the again, like I can talk.