Candy-floss Brain Invasion

I'd really like to write about something, but since the gray matter that should be the major component of my central nervous system seems to have transformed into rainbow-coloured and glossy candy-floss (I'm not even sure if candy-floss can be glossy), nothing coherent can't come out of my head.
I'll try anyway.

First, my questionable methods of compensating the lack of sleep last night.

1. Endless morning cuddling and (un-)intentionally making someone skip her first class. Oops, I'm a bad person.

2. A cup of very black Indian Earl Grey tea.

3. Biking home. Fresh air should have a positive effect, shouldn't it?

4. Overdosing vitamin C.

5. A cup of black Chinese Lychee tea.

6. Another cup of black Chinese Lychee tea. Ouch, I burnt my tongue!

Notes: Facebook is so not helping. Also, sunshine would be nice. And my tongue hurts.

Secondly, I've had this song earworming for some hours now.
It will be utter nonsense for those not having watched Doctor Who, though.

Chameleon Circuit is a British band of four guys, Whovians (Doctor Who fans if some idjit didn't get it) of course, who make songs about Doctor Who. They're absolutely brilliant and yes, this is very nerdy.

Speaking of nerdiness, I was in London a couple of weeks back and among other things bought quite a lot of fandom stuff.


-DW books/magazines and badges
-Torchwood books/magazines
-The Tenth Doctor action figure
-K9 action figure
-Spock action figure
-The Nightmare Before Christmas action figures
-John Barrowman t-shirt
-Good Omens novel
-DW DVD box set, series 1-4 + extra episodes
-Torchwood DVD box set, series 1-3

I'd loved a Doctor Who t-shirt but there were only large sizes. Maybe I'll have to order one. Then I'll obviously need a sonic screwdriver and a phaser gun and possibly a lightsaber, too. And lots more action figures. 'Need' being the keyword here.
Oh, how I just love being a geeky fangirl! Makes life so much sweeter and fluffier. ;3

And that brings us to my future travel plans.

1. Paris in January
*The grave of Oscar Wilde
*second hand markets
*buying things
*sitting in fancy cafés
*Musée de la Mode

2. The French Alps in February
*falling down
*making a complete fool of myself
*loosing my nerves
*yelling at my siblings
*promising I will never travel with my family again

3. Düsseldorf in April-May
*FedCon !!
*24/7 of total geeking

4. London in July
*London ComicCon !!
*24/7 of total geeking 

Only the Paris trip is 100% certain at the moment. However, I think my mum may already have booked the French Alps, too. I just have no idea whether I'll be working in the spring or not. Hopefully yes, because I have some uses for the money ...

 That'll be all, I suppose.

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