Hello, I'm really, really pissed off.

Actually so pissed off that it almost neutralised another little problem I've been struggling with for few days. I don't know if this is good. Maybe.
The reason for my not-so-happy mood is -and this is one hell of a surprise, I guarantee- frankly, homophobia.
Last Tuesday (when I was in London <3) they showed this, sort of talk show on TV where people were discussing gay rights: whether gay couples should be allowed to marry and adopt children, the attitude of the Christian church, discrimination and how does it show etc. The program is Finnish so unfortunately (or fortunately) you won't understand a word of it if you're not from here.
Anyway, here's a link in case you want to ruin your day. It's in two parts and the second part should be found on the same page. And, honestly, it won't ruin your day if you're not as hot-tempered as I am.

If I'm rational here, not many of the things dealt in the program relate to my personal life at the moment: I'm not a Christian, I have no intention to have a baby, I've never been bullied because I've never come out of closet. However, human rights in general are basis of my view of life, and for me the fact that the rights of homosexuals are limited in comparison to straight people is a severe violation toward human rights. In my opinion, there's a billion other things to concentrate on in the world than the never-ending debate on whether sexual minorities should be treated equally with the mainstream. We are all humans. We all have a heart that keeps us alive by pumping blood through our system. We all breathe oxygen that keeps us alive. We all have the same kind of brains and a nervous system which passes on information using electronic pulses and chemical transmitters.
And we all have feelings, conciousness, ability to learn.
We are similar to each other.
If we humans are so fucking brilliant and genius, on the top the evolution, then why can't we accept the minor differences caused mostly by natural gene modifications and mutations?
No one decides to be gay or straight or something in between. Or asexual, for that matter.
We don't know what determines our sexuality. There might be a gene or a part of one. It could be affected by the hormones or something else which the embryo is exposed to in the womb.
Nevertheless, every hypothesis I've heard over the matter, has come to a conclusion that sexual orientation is not related to person's nurture or own will. Being not-straight is not a disease, nor a crime and not in the least wrong. It is as natural as black skin or albino hair.

The thing that sets me on edge the most is the ostensible approval of homosexuals. Everyone seems to be eager to convince how they accept homosexuality and that gays are (almost) equal to normal people. This does not seem to prevent those people from
-not wanting to make contact with homosexuals
-not wanting to hear a word of their pervert lives
-making it complicated for homosexuals to start a family
-advising them not to act on their nature (because it's a sin to practice homosexuality)
-not seeing that also straight couples' kids are being bullied at school
-not taking homosexuals seriously; like they could still be cured of whatever
Basically, it seems to me that majority of people (in Finland at least) would like gays to stay nice and quiet. Like, "it's ok that you're gay, I accept it, but don't move in my neighbourhood."

And who even needs an approval or forgiveness from such people who think there's something to be forgiven?
I'm bi (could say lesbian atm, though) and proud of it. I don't need anyone to tell me that it's totally acceptable. I bloody well know, it is.

Well, actually, I kind of need my dad not to despise me when some day he's going to face the fact that his dear, little princess is a queer.


  1. Go Äni! Itsellänikin nousee karvat pystyyn tosta ohjelmasta. Homofobisuus oksettaa.
    (Ah. Tää kirkoastaeroamisbuumi muistuttikin minua siitä, että vielä en olekaan sitä itse tehnyt. Oiskohan nyt sopiva aika munkin siihen ryhtyä...)

  2. Paatoksella lähti, kun olin niin hiilenä.
    Ja kirkosta pois vaan! Jipii!
    eroakirkosta.fi on joku paras sivu x)