Lord Vader and aching back

I met Darth Vader today.
It was friggin' awesome!
He was really nice and gave us candies.

He even promised we would officially be under his
protection form now on.
Which is kinda cool.

We even had a little lightsaber combat with him.
Although we had only our iPhones as weapons,
but since there's a lightsaber application in my and in
my friends' phones we beat the respectable Lord Vader.
But honestly, it wasn't the most equal fight as there were three of us and only one of him.

And oh my god, I look so pale and tiny beside mister Vader.
But well, it was Ninnu after all, who broke her lightsaber
in front of him so I have definitely nothing to be
embarrassed of.

I also had the English preli (which is sort of a preparation exam for the actual matriculation exam) in the morning. I'm a little perplexed for it was so easy. I can't help pondering whether I missed something or didn't get the evil little tricks that had been hidden there. Not the nicest way to start a Saturday anyway.

Then after geeking and sitting in Cafe Picnic I had a dance class which was lovely as always.
However, right now I'm feeling rather awful: my back, neck, biceps and inner stomach muscles are aching and I'm feeling altogether exhausted. What's more, I'm freezing. Hopefully not getting ill!
Dad promised to heat up sauna later. I'm counting on it healing me.

H&M is selling these Star Wars sweaters one of which is black with Darth Vader's mask on it and the other light grey with a colourful text "Empire Strikes Back".
I'm kinda desiring the latter one.

Hey, even managed to find a photo of it!
My only trouble is that I've decided not to buy any clothes for myself in September. That's actually a decision I aim to keep even though I really needed a basic white shirt too ....
Got to keep myself in control.

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