Awarded as a Beautiful Blogger

So, I've been awarded with a Beautiful Blogger Award by my beloved Iridium. (Thanks dearest!)
As an awarded I should write down seven facts about myself and then
reward seven other Beautiful Bloggers.
As I do not follow any other blog than that of Iridium's
I'm not going to give this award to anyone.
Nonetheless, the seven things you will get!

1. I'm an emotional person to an extreme. It's a rare occasion that I do not base my reactions on how I feel about said matter. This shows in many different ways and causes trouble.

2. I love to own things. DVDs, CDs, books, action figures, clothes, shoes, jewels, posters, stamps, stickers. You name it.

3. I couldn't live without doing sports.

4. One of my ideals is independence. I don't want to be reliant on other people.

5. Hugging people is one of my favourite ways to show affection. Some of my friends actually call me huggy bear.

6. I hate to miss a bus. I just hate it.

7. I wish there were more hours in a day. 24 is not enough!

And right now I'm feeling really tired.

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