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Tell you what, I'm going to forget that alphabet thingy for real until I actually come up with words worth writing.
Now I simply feel like typing about every-day stuff since I think I've been lacking concreteness when it comes to my writings lately. I've been just sinking deeper and deeper in my own disorganised and unexplainable thoughts trying to verbalize them. Without a major success I might add.

So, recently my days have been filled with studying - sometimes more, sometimes less desperately - for the matriculation exams and trying to figure out the British educating system and all the attention-demanding details relating to my possible future studies in said country. For months has everything with even a slightest connection to further education seemed to be a complete hodgepodge and an uncomfortable must-to-do-but-not-quite-right-now. Then, after an info session concerning Finnish students' studies in the UK things started to make a little bit more sense. At first, to be honest, I got even more stressed and anxious than before, but then I just decided to pull myself together and get into work. And now I have waded through some twenty British universities and bookmarked and tagged those who provide photography courses for undergraduates. I'll still have to narrow them down to five English, and perhaps a few Scottish universities, though, but nevertheless this whole applying for the UK is beginning to look a lot less hopeless.

The matriculation exams, in turn, are taking place from the next Monday till the beginning of October. The listening comprehensions in English and Swedish are on Monday and Tuesday, which is sort of terrifying, while the written parts will ensue in the following week if my memory serves me right. The last exam for me is psychology for which I'm revising by drawing fancy and colourful mind maps with an application I downloaded somewhere. It's really effective studying, I assure you.

Oh dear, this must be the most boring story I've ever written. It might be excused taking in account the fact that I'm a suffering abiturientti who has nothing else to talk about than her miserable studies.

Fortunately Merlin will return tomorrow with the third season of the series!
Fingers crossed that someone dear enough will upload as soon as possible so that I can then illegally download it myself.

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