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Ten reasons why my friends are so awesome there's no words for describing their awesomeness.

1. Either they can bear to listen to my babbling or they're as loud as me and are able to shut me up when it's their time to talk.

2.They like to sit and drink tea for hours.

3.When I start a sentence they can finish it.

4.They know my schedule better than I do. And I know theirs.

5.When I tease them they tease me back

6.They're good pillows.

7.They don't like Zac Efron, Robert Pattinson or Miley Cyrus.

8.They know how to cheer me up. Not that it requires anything else than hugging but still.

9.There's always someone I can text or call if I feel like it.

10.Each of them is different and unique and I wouldn't change anything in them.


  1. "... that's what friends are for" :>

  2. "I'll be there for you, cause you've been there for me too." :)

  3. *cause you're there

    embarrasing that i can't get the lyrics of my favourite tv show's theme song right... oh well <3

  4. haha :D It's really not that easy with lyrics, I know.