Exhausted attempt to move on to the F

It's probably a very bad idea to write anything after practically no night sleep but I'll do it anyway. So, I spent last seven days in New York and was back at home at noon. We left our hotel in NY about half past twelve yesterday and as we flew towards east we lost some hours. And really, who can actually sleep in plane? I half-slept some five hours during our flight from Newark to Stockholm, then one hour at the Arlanda airport and finally three hours in my own bed. And my head is so blurry as you can imagine.
Nonetheless, I'm going to continue with my letters because F is easy.

There's no other option than friends for F.
I wrote about friends. Quite a lot. And I'm not doing it again because it's no good to repeat oneself. Not that much anyway. Instead I'm going to dedicate some songs for my friends.

This one is Teo Torriate by Queen.
I think both the melody and the lyrics are beautiful and although it's more about romantic sort of love, it goes perfectly well with friendships too. In my opinion.

Then Pidä kädestä by Indica.
This one doesn't require further explanations.
Well, if you're not Finnish you may want to google the lyrics and, if you're lucky, someone has already translated them into English or something.

For the last but not least Defying Gravity from the musical Wicked.
This particular song doesn't deal specifically with friendship but to me it represents the way friends stand by each other in the end even when they aim at different things or disagree or are afraid for one another.

And in fact there's one more song which belongs here.
The good old Stand By Me. There are billions of versions of this song. I am in a lazy mood and thus I picked the first one which I found and it's performed by Ben E. King.

And pretty please, notice that I am incredibly, exceedingly and totally tired and almost half-asleep and might have written even more idiotic stuff than usually--

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