First word which came into my mind was grapes. I'm always thinking about food, ain't I?

With help of a dictionary I found several suitable words with G.

 I'm interested in genes and DNA. It's amazing that those tiny little molecules are the very building-blocks of everything living. Of course atoms and protons and neutrons are even tinier but I'm no chemist or physicist. Genes I can handle though, and it's pretty amazing how they work and determine our genome. Genes also show that we, humans are not so far above all other living species, but that we actually are closely related to them - a part of nature. The basics of the genetics are quite easy to understand but practically we have no control over our genome yet and there's another thing that probably reminds us to not to play god and try to affect everything. Genes hold information and answers about diseases and such, and perhaps some day the human kind succeeds in solving the mystery of life if such exists.
Until that I'm content to know that my freckles are from my mum and my slightly slanting eyes from my dad. And the fact that I'm a hobbit is most likely my granny's fault.

My favourite dwarf from Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs. He's so stubborn and delightful.
One friend of mine likes to make funny of me and call me Grumpy because apparently I may sometimes be quite straightforward in expressing my annoyance. I have a sweater and a thermos mug with Grumpy's picture on them. Bought them from Disneyland, Paris.

Yeah, I'm a girl and therefore I giggle. A lot. And it's fun. Obviously.

Could say it's my favourite spice. I love ginger anywhere: in tea, woks, cookies, sauces; dried, powder or fresh!
And I have to share this. I baked some cookies and didn't want to put sugar in them so I made up my own spice-mix which worked well. So ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves - all in a powder form an ta-dah! Okay, I'm so fond of Christmas spices I sprinkle them all over the place.

I love goosebumps as long as they're not caused by actual coldness but some feeling. Music is often a part of goosebumps-rising experience. For example the musical Wicked that I saw in New York last week gave me a whole lot of those spine-tickling wimples. To get positive goosebumps I need to be wholly concentrated, open and empathetic, feel the music or the movement or whatever it is. It's like a flow-feeling but not quite because I'm absorbing someone else's experience. Sort of a side-flow, demi-flow, I don't know. Anyway, it's amazing.
And then there are the horror goosebumps which can be nice if you know you're safe and it's only Samara or a crazy chainsaw-man on the tv. On the other hand, if you really are seeing a ghost---

Oh, oops! I almost dropped that glass on the floor and broke it because I needed to explain this thing animatedly using all my limbs.
It was about this size and then you go that way and nodnod. On the phone.

So I use my body parts, usually arms and fingers vividly while talking. Even on the phone. Especially when I'm excited or furious there happens loads of flinging and waving and throwing hands.
It's fun to follow people's gestures: their expressions, whether they're shy and reserved or completely ignorant of what bystanders might think of their discussion.
I'm the latter kind. I like to express myself wholly.

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  1. nothing to say, just that it's so interesting, like always, to read your blog :)