H is for hugs and hugging. Like gestures, hugs also can tell things about the eh... hugger. Of course they also tell about the relationship between the people hugging. It's the same thing with shaking hands actually.
Sometimes people surprise me and hug in a very different manner that I would've expected. Physical contact can reveal unspoken emotions and thoughts. Someone who you regard as distant or withdrawn might actually give you a very strong and loving embrace while someone outgoing or sociable shares only a light touch.
Obviously it's not that simple to interpret what each person means by hugging the way they do. It's great fun, though and after a while you start to remember everyone's style.
And that's why the change in someone's manner of hugging feels weird. Well, for me anyway.
The changes in people's personal lives and relationships affect the way they interact and therefore the way they hug. Yes, this is exceedingly scientific. Based on my very own researches. I can think of a pair of cases in which I have noticed a change when I've hugged the people in question.
In addition to this psychologically interesting stuff hugging is lovely and fun and great. We should hug more often, I think. There are so many ways to embrace people.
You can squeeze or crush them.
Sway to and fro.
Stroke or pet gently.
Jump in someone's arms.
Wrap your arms around the neck or the waist or one around the waist and the other around the neck. So many options!
Group hugs!
Hug standing, sitting or lying.
And the list continues.

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  1. i agree with you on the psy-stuff, strongly, as i too have been thinking about the same stuff :)

    and people should definetely hug more often, too many lonely people in need of hugs in the world, and even if you're not lonely a hug is nice.

    *hug* <3