Um, E is somewhat mysterious. I can't come up with anything at the moment.
Let's think...

Oh no, I'm going to sound like Tuomas Holopainen now but escapism begins with an E and I unfortunately find myself an escapist. And what does that even mean?
My escapism has a very strong connection to dreaming. It's a word, a generic term that joins together all the means of escaping reality. It's day-dreaming, Disney-movies, fangirling, science fiction and photoshopping. Escapism describes my attitude towards life - I realize what's real and what's not but I like living somewhere in between those two, on the bound of them in a manner of speaking. When the real world feels too cruel or limiting I just jump into the fantasies and think of them as real as the things I see in the news. It's a way dealing with all the injustice and stupidity around me. People are mostly silly, even idiots and that's why at least I need something to keep my head in one piece. Because I care. Too much. About everything.

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  1. "This is who i am, escapist, paradise seeker..." :)