Dreamy Dancer

I have two equal Dees: dancing and dreaming. And I warn you because this is going to be one hell of a post thanks to my passionate relation to both of the things mentioned.

Dreaming is something that's always been a part of my nature. As a child me and my little sister loved all kinds of imaginary plays. We were princesses, fairies, mermaids, American Indians, singers, dancers - anything we wanted. There wasn't necessity for costumes; all we needed was our imagination and some place with no adults in it. Then of course we liked Barbies and puppets and dressing up but our plays always had a fantasy aspect.
When we had got many friends - boys and girls - I remember all of us playing in a forest nearby the neighbourhood. I was five and my sister was only three but we had our own adventures.
Then as I grew older I started to write little stories. I also enjoyed drawing people, well only girls, name them and imagine what kind of family they had, where they lived, what they were going to be. I enjoyed making future plans like pondering the names of my children and where I'd like to live and what I'd like to do. 'Making plans' is a bit misleading, though since it was only dreaming and imagining.
Nowadays I don't write stories anymore but whenever I get bored or am trying fall asleep I start developing a story in mind. Sometimes it's a combination of things I'd like to happen, things that are likely to happen and things that are certainly not going to happen but which I'd like to. Sometimes the story has nothing to do with me. And sometimes it's pure fanfiction.
I dream about the future and the past. My imagination is fairly wild and more often than not I have to stop for a moment and wonder how on earth did I come to think of whatever I was thinking of.

 Nevertheless dreaming is an essential part of me that I hope will never fade away.

Here's a beautiful song about dreamers. I first heard it sang by John Barrowman but held my horses and put the original (?) performer's link here instead of John.
This really sums up what I think of dreaming.

Then dancing. In fact I think there's no need to explain this one because there may be a somewhat inclusive description about dancing somewhere here already.

Not so long after all then.

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