C is for cooking, I think.
Cooking and baking are such nice ways to spend time, especially baking. It's almost therapeutic to slice and crop ingredients, measure and mix them. My all time favourite is definitely peeling rhubarb. When I'm home alone and doing stuff in kitchen I love to have music playing so that I can sing along. No metal or hard rock, but simple ballads and musical soundtracks. Sometimes I feel like Snow White ... "Just whistle while you work"
For me it's the process of making food that matters, not so much the result although it's always pleasing to notice that I have managed to create something eatable or even tasty.

Then candles. I love candles! They smell safe and comforting and that little flame is so beautiful to just look at in dark winter evenings.
Imagine it: a dark, cold evening in January. You're home alone sitting by a window, watching snowflakes falling little by little. It's completely silent and the only light inside is coming from a few candles whose tiny, orange flames tremble making shadows move with them. You have your hands holding a mug of hot Christmas tea that smells like cinnamon, ginger, cloves and cardamom. It's warm and cosy inside and freezing beautiful outside and it's peaceful everywhere.

So that's why I like candles.

Oh, and clothes! I want loads of new clothes. I'm relying on New York.

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