Bananas for B ?

It's B today.

I have more than one B-word. Can I have more than one?

Of course I can! This is my blog_diary_whatever_thing and I'm making up the rules. Thus,
from now on, I can have as many words for one letter that I like.

So, the first B is for books.
I absolutely adore books and reading or listening to them. First of all, they contain always something that someone has been willing to share with others: some sort of story, information, thoughts, anything. Fictional stories let me drift away from boring and normal life. They show me different worlds in different times. When reading about The Middle Earth, Elves, Hobbits, Dragons and Dwarfs I can let myself be part of that world far from dishes and school works and nagging parents.
I love all sorts of non-fictional books as well, cook-books for example. Colourful images give me inspiration and I can almost taste those moist and soft looking, perfect chocolate cakes just by looking at photos of them.
Another thing in books is how they feel. The smell of a brand-new book in comparison with that of an old one.
New books are pretty, clean and shiny. They all smell exactly the same: fresh combination of ink and paper. They let creaking sounds when their pages are turned and feel stiff and heavy like they were afraid to open.
Oldies are softer and more fragile. Their condition tells something about their previous owners: are they well-kept or abused, clean or filled with notes, do they smell like tobacco or like perfume or just dust. Old books have more to tell than the letters printed on their pages.
I honestly can't say whether I prefer old or new books. All I know is that there's something about both that fascinates me indescribably much.

Then another B. I'll have to put bisexuality here because it seems to have become more and more important par of my identity recently. I have no clue why, though but it's there whatsoever. I'm not going to explain this so profoundly since I've already written something down previously. The reason why I find this as a remarkable thing is that it goes perfectly with my every way agnostic world-view: I don't want to take things granted or everything to be black and white. I am determinate when it comes to some issues but I don't like categorizing or limiting. I believe that being open gives me the best chances to make the most of my life.

The last B definitely is for those freaking bananas since I eat them like I was an actual monkey.


  1. Hello! your blog is really interesting! :) I like the way you write , and your french is really good! ;) (I'm french :D)
    Greeting from France,

  2. Oh, wow thanks :)
    It's always surprising to find out that someone apart from a couple of my best friends is actually reading this stuff. And that my french is readable for that matter.
    So thank you, thank you.
    I'm doing my best.

  3. you're welcome :) actually I'm a Nightwish fan too, and I think you posted a comment on Anette's blog for her birthday, so that's how I found your blog :)

  4. Be a banana! (This alphabets idea rules!)

  5. Synthia: Oh, even better: a Nightwish fan! I haven't written anything about Nigthwish here if I remember correctly, but like my beloved Iridium can confirm (and nanostrawer too if she's reading this) I am a huge fan of NW. :D

    iridium: Of course it does. It's my idea after all.

    ok, it's not my idea because I stole it from that fic I read the other day but let's not go there ... x)

  6. Ok, It's almost your idea. :P

    Oh yes, I can confirm that Anni is a crazy Nightwish fan! Nightwish is our legal drug.

  7. OOOH yippiiiii! :) so I've found some kind of "soul-mates" hehe!! cool! :) Nightwish rocks! <3