Anni's Alphabet

I've been trying to think of something to write about. Of course I do have an opinion for every thinkable and unthinkable issue but I'm not really in a mood for ranting.
I also cook almost every day but this isn't a food blog either.
So, I came up with this idea of doing my own alphabet. You know, A is for Animals because I love animals, B is for Banana 'cause it's my favorite fruit and so forth.

hmmm ....
I think A is for Agnosticism as my, sort of ideology. I rely on science but I think there's more than just the things we, humans are able to see and understand. Our perception has its limits and so does our science and methods for observing and measuring everything around us. I don't believe either in any particular god nor deny the existence of something of that sort. However, I do border just a little bit more on the alternative that no personalizable god exist. And by that I mean basically that I don't think there's and old, bearded chap sitting on a cloud making decision on our lives.
I think it's rather fascinating how many religions and ideologies there are on Earth. The human kind has an enormous variety of truths in which they sometimes believe so hard that their faith blindfolds them completely. What amazes me the most is the intensity of some people's faith: how they are ready to judge the "heretical" and even harm those who are not sharing their view of life. In those cases it seems that people forget the meaning and the very essence of almost every ideology: appreciating humanity and life. There are few ideologies that aren't based on aiming for goodness and kindness, searching a good life.
Even so, people can apparently hurt, kill, be at war, despise, condemn and judge in the name of their ideology.
And there's one reason to not take anything given and to not claim to know something about the universe for sure.

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