I went to bed at 4:10 am and this is what you get.

It's officially summer holiday. From school. My lovely night job begins on Sunday at 10 pm. Hooray! Besides it's raining.

Nevertheless, I'm full of some kind of extra-positive and love-full energy that'll hopefully keep me going. This light-hearted and hyper-energetic mood of mine has been going on for quite a while and still I'm not used to it. Every morning when I wake up smiling and excited I'm thankful for whatever is causing it. Small everyday things such as seeing a friend or hearing a good song make want to dance all over the place and embrace everyone. I can't remember when was the last time I felt this good. Hopefully it will keep going on this way as long as possible.
Nearly all the credit of my high spirit should go to my friends who have become more and more important to me since I quit skating. I never thought I was a particularly sociable person. I like having some time just for myself. However, I've lately found myself arranging meeting after meeting and my calendar's just filling with the names of my friends with whom I'll be sitting at Robert's Coffee for hours discussing anything and everything.
For change I found another enjoyable way of spending time with friends though. As a synchro skater I didn't have many opportunities to go out to dance. And well, I was too young too. Now, actually yesterday, we went to dtm which is a gay club with fierce, mostly pink and green disco lights. Thursday night isn't the most popular party-time but unfortunately dtm has an age limit of 21 in Friday and Saturday nights unless you happen to be a member of SETA (which I will be once I've had my first salary). This was the last time for me to go there during the whole summer since I'll be working all nights except for the Fridays and Saturdays.
Anyway, it was so much fun! Cute lights, great music and other people dancing. "Other people dancing" -part is significant because our latest experience of a nightclub was redrum and there was only a couple of dudes on the dance floor looking like they were a little high or something... not to mention the so called music which was just some sort of techno beat going over and over and over again.

YAY, it's pink and electric blue :D

Did I have a point here? Apart from the fact that dancing drinking only water is awesome. Beyond awesome to be honest.
I'm tired. That's why I can deliver only this nonsense-crap today. I apologise and stop now.

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