The Ultimate Battle Of Doom Against The Pollen, part X and some dancing

I hate pollen. Both the meds I take and the actual allergens cause tiredness and so I feel like a zombie most of the time and that's annoying. And my eyes are itching. angst...
At the same time though, I'm incredibly excited about modern dance, photographing, summer and many things. Maybe then there's a balance although I don't feel very harmonic at the moment. And how is it possible that drinking tea is actually easing the itching in my eyes?!

Now a proof that I'm a crazy masochist. I had my first modern dance class on Saturday and while dancing the other bodyparts than your stomach muscles, which are supporting your body, are supposed to be relaxed and your limbs should feel like they were kind of detached from your body. And yes, this is the exact opposite for the style I've tried to adopt during my five years of ballet and almost ten years of skating. We practised this mostly by rolling on the floor and falling from crouched position to a "star position" as relaxed as possible. Obviously this kind of 'let's mop the floor' -action cause some bruises and burns while looking absolutely ridiculous and it would've probably been only a natural reaction to feel a little worn out or something but I was just on a cloud nine and thinking "yay, I'm hurting!" The next day and still today my ankles and shins are sore since my body isn't used to way I'm supposed to move in modern dance but I'm just thrilled about my 'injuries'. So me, a masochist? Hell, yes!

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