Friends will be friends

I've been thinking about relationships in my life. Not because I had some sort of a crisis but I'm just the kind of a person who naturally analyses everything and everyone. I've never been in a relationship with anyone, never dated anyone or so. My dearest human relations are those with my friends and my family. You could say that I have never loved someone. However I think it's not that simple. For me true love doesn't exist only between, say 'lovers' but also between friends. And as far as I'm concerned this love I feel for my friends is no less valuable than that kind of love people feel for their girl-/boyfriends. Its nature is just a little bit different and I think, longer-lasting in some cases. Well that's obviously just the inexperienced me who's talking and probably anyone who has loved and been loved in a real relationship could tell me how wrong I am.
And how I came to think of this in the first place? While I was jogging a thought just popped up in my mind. I was thinking about tomorrow when I'll see three my closest friends and I began to ponder if ever anyone would be able to become as important and dear to me as they are. Could someone get even closer to my heart than they are. Could I someday appreciate someone more than I appreciate them. It seems absurd when I think about it now. How could it be possible since I've known these people for many years? How could I care more about someone else?
As I said I've never felt love, other than platonic, towards anyone. I don't believe I could ever love a person who weren't also my best friend. There has to be more than passion or attraction in any lasting relationship. And since many love stories seem to be based on those kinds of things I don't have much faith in them to be honest. I'm not saying I don't believe in true, everlasting love. I just think it's rare. In my mind, friendship is love in its purest. True friends don't try to profit on each other in any way. The affection isn't based on sex appeal or other superficial things. Pure friendship is easy as breathing, it's natural and brings happiness in one's life. Of course people argue and quarrel and hurt each other but in the end, who wants to loose their best friend.
I also think that each and every friendship is unique. Some people don't want to share their sex life with anyone but their partner, others tell spontaneously even the details. I think it's not the amount of information you have about your friend that defines the quality of friendship. It's deeper. Some kind of feeling. Like an invisible bond that lies so deep and is so strong that it requires extremely powerful weapon to break it.

And I am being very profound now. And I think this whole text is filled with typos and illogical sentences and repeated words.

Maybe I will never fall in love with anyone. I'll be a lonely wolf for the rest of my life and give all my love for my friends and my camera. Yeah, that sounds like a good plan.


  1. i agree with you on the love between friends. and love stories are stories. sure there are real life love stories, but that doesn't mean it happens like that for everyone. sometimes you find love from the weirdest places at the most unlikely times in the oddest ways.

    hmm. you've found platonic love, why couldn't you find romantic love? many people say their partner is also their best friend, it's not rare. many have fallen for their friends.

    and what's this about being a lonely wolf? what about all the friends? your lonely wolf has a pack :) though i highly doubt the never falling in love part. besides you're still so young, it isn't that weird you haven't fallen in love yet. open yourself for opportunities and you'll find what you're looking for.

    ps. profound is good :)

  2. yeah, you're probably right and I'm quite certain my pack of friends is willingly giving me the "I told you so" more than once when I some day admit having fallen madly for someone :D