New York, New York!

I'm extremely excited about our forthcoming trip to New York in the summer. My mum bought a travel guide book which I've been leafing through for a few days in order to make some plans for the holiday. Except that it is utterly impossible. There's so much of everything in NYC that I'm just helplessly unable to decide anything. There's so freakin' much I want to see that I suppose there's not going to be a lot of time for resting. Too bad. It's not every year you can travel across the ocean, you know. Have to make the most of it.
My top must-see things are definitely Wicked -musical on Broadway, Hard Rock Cafe, MoMA, Brooklyn, International Center of Photography and loads of shopping! And then of course Little Italy, Chinatown, wandering in Soho, Central Park, Madame Tussauds and so forth. I'll gladly skip the 5-hour queuing to the Statue of Liberty and other things of that sort. I want to fly from one place to another, see as much as possible and enjoy every moment (with my camera). Can't waaaaaait!!


  1. Oioi! Mullekin kelpais toi iso omena, mut täytyy kai tyytyy toistaseks näihin isoihin Jonagold-omppuihin mitä marketeista saa. :---D

  2. Ah, it's such a wonderful city. MoMA is wonderful and just the feel of NYC is so good. I'll definetely be going there again sooner or later, hopefully sooner :)

  3. Fingers crossed that Katla doesn't decide to erupt... -.-

  4. It will not. I want to get to Italy and I want you to get to enjoy the wonders of NYC. It'd be so wrong to rob even more people of their holidays and stuff.

    Dear Katla, listen to us who need/want to fly somewhere in the near future. No moodswings, okay? :P