My last days on ice.

Last weekend we had our nationals, the last competition of this season. Also my very last competition as a skater. It was a little bit sad but mostly exhilarating and lots of fun. We enjoyed each other's company and did good. After short we were in third place which was just a little disappointment. It made us willing to fight harder the next day though and the result was awesome for us who have been bronze-medalists since forever: the second place! We were all satisfied and proud and this was really a great closing for the amazing season. So, now I'll have still two more practises with this team and then I'll kiss my skates goodbye.
I feel I'm gonna miss all these people with whom I have lived such happy, bitter and crazy moments. Thanks to them I've had strength to fight and survive all my depressed days. With them I've been able to rejoice at every thing worth rejoicing. I've grown up with my skates, team mates and coaches. I've learned to work hard and handle disappointments. I've learned to take critic and analyse myself. I've become a fighter.
I bet I'm gonna cry a river next Sunday when I'll be "a mystic" for the last time.

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