Great morning

It's been an excellent day so far and I'd like it to continue.
First thing to do after waking up was to check the results for Olympics' ice dance. Happily my faves the Canadian couple Tessa Virtue/Scott Moir and the American couple Meryl Davis/Charlie White had gotten the best medals and left the Russians in the third place. I've not yet watched their programs but I recorded them and will see them later. 

Meryl Davis/Charlie White here.

Another thing that made my morning such a lovely one was a yoga practice, Hot Vinyasa which took 90 minutes. I'm so in love with yoga since last summer when I discovered it, especially hot yoga which is just normal hatha yoga in 30-40 degrees. It's awesome! I can relax my mind and feel the power and strength of my body. After an exercise I can almost hear the blood rushing through my vessels and the energy flowing. LOVE IT.

When I got back home I cooked some couscous with veggies.

Here we go with carrots, zucchini, green soy beans and tomatoes.
I think it was yummy. I'm not a spice master though...

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