Brain explosion

I'm convinced that my head will eventually explode. There's so much going on in my mind that it's just not possible for my brains to bear it. And at the same time it feels like my brain is freezed and absolutely nothing is moving there.
At school I'm restless and not able to concentrate on learning. I just play Bubble Shooter with my iPhone which is really educating as we all know. At home I'm always surfing on the net or lying on a couch watching TV. And I eat all the time. Nothing unhealthy though but still it can't be good, I think. Besides, I've gain weight and that's for me always an unbearable situation. I do sports, of course, but it seems that all of my body's rhytms have gone mad. It's so frustrating as in the last summer I felt awesome and was satisfied with myself. Now I'm tired, fat and my muscles don't work as I'm used to.
I'm also worried about not getting summer-work. I've sent applications for dozens of employers but got only one negative answer. Most of my friends have already been hired and I'm just sending new applications every week like a paranoid idiot.
My biggest stress provoker is not so much surprisingly every-minute-approaching-unavoidable-moment-of-disaster-and-doom-son-of-a-bitch-matriculation-examination. I have like a mountain high pile of things to study and revise before the exams and I'm sure my time will run out.
I'm so freakin' full of this. Studying, studying, studying........ gah.

Fortunately there are always something to cheer me up! Like watching figure skating (or going to Pilates class as I did today). I think it was on Tuesday when I watched the Exhibition Gala of Olympic Games. Oh goodness, they were amazing! Especially Mao Asada, Yu-Na Kim, Mirai Nagasu, Jevgeni Plushenko, Tessa Virtue/Scott Moir, Federica Faiella/Massimo Scali, Meryl Davis/Charlie White and Stephane Lambiel whose program from Europeans is here. It's the same as his Olympics' performance which I couldn't find.

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