A Springy Health Fling

When was the last time I blogged? Nevermind, it has been quite a while.

So, it is the 1st of May today which means that in a little over a month I will be finished with university, and moreover, will hopefully be moving out of my current house. Exciting.
But first there is a hell of a lot to do.

Actually, I really ought to be doing a lot of things at the moment but as it happens, even after Easter holiday I get very tired some days - and I mean very tired. This morning for instance, I woke up around eight without an alarm, but didn't get up until past 11 just because I felt so terribly exhausted. This is probably to do with depression so I'm not particularly concerned. I have already accepted some time ago that with the current mental state I can't always ask so much of myself - not even after relaxing week in Scotland. That's just that, and thus, I am now home alone with henna mixture in my hair and a cup of tea beside me, just chilling and hoping that tomorrow my energy levels are better.

After quite an active beginning of the week this sudden drop feels disappointing and irritating but on the bright side, for the past couple of days I have been feeling physically better than in a long time.
I don't know if it is specifically a Spring thing for me, but now as well as last year and the year before at some point in Spring I have felt an urge to tidy up my diet and exercise routines and take better care of myself. At the moment our fridge and freezer are broken which makes food a little bit of a challenge: just yesterday I had to eat an entire aubergine (like medium size I don't know) for dinner because I didn't want to leave half of it in room temperature and humidity. I also made hummus out of a can of chickpeas in the morning, and obviously had to eat it all during that day as well. So yeah, food management is a tiny bit bothersome in this situation.
But at least I'm not buying copious amounts of ice cream, cheese and white wine!

On the exercise front, things have been more or less chaotic for the past few months or so. I don't if it's the combined stress and anxiety over uni and my living situation and all the emotional instability in my life that keeps making me super tired or what, but whatever it is, it's been effecting my physical activity. Now I'm doing this 30 day leg challenge (a link here) from one of my favourite youtubers, and running almost every day just to get back to some sort of a routine. I really, really miss dance, yoga and pole fitness classes, and the next chance I get I'm taking a personal trainer because I love training when I'm being challenged.

One more health related thing is that - well you know I'm a person who sometimes has to try trendy foods, exercise plans, diets etc. Something that I've hear a lot of positive feedback about is Teatox - so a tea detox. Instead of spending my money on something more useful, I ordered a 14-day teatox pakcage (which hasn't arrived yet). Basically it's just a bunch of tea with herbs and stuff that should help with digestion and bloating and probably skin as well. And no, you don't just drink tea for two weeks; you eat and exercise normally (obviously trying to avoid too much processed food, caffeine and alcohol) and just add the designated detox teas to your diet. That favourite youtuber of mine did a review of one such teatox and her experience was so inspiring that I decided to give it a try as well. I have a crazy sensitive stomach that has no logic in how it reacts to different things so I'm always keen to try new things to make act like a normal body part instead of some independent island.
Anyway I ordered my teatox from this website.

Hmm, some other, not particularly interesting details of my life:
- I'm totally obsessed with my pecan coffee that I got from Aberdeen
- I'm reading One Hundred Years of Solitude
- I bought a new perfume, ange ou démon by Givenchy, and it's perfect
- I watched all five seasons of Breaking Bad during the Easter holiday
- the pace, with which I devour peanut butter, is disconcerting
- I found really cheap opium incense from Camden Lock Market which made me happy
- I have black rice noodles, how metal is that
- that coffee
- it's so freaking delicious
- you don't understand


  1. Yay for the magical wonderland that is TKMaxx for providing delicious coffee to you! :D Your flat situation just makes me baffled, broken fridge and freezer? What next? Roof will fall through? I'm glad you're feeling a bit better though, and I hope the rest of your energy will return to you soon too. <3

    And I totally want to try that leg challenge now. I was doing a squat challenge at one point last year, but it was so incredibly boring that I gave up when it got to 150 squats a day (I think it increased every other training day or something).

    1. I definitely recommend the leg challenge! It's quick and fun, and not too bad to do everyday.
      Also, there has been a development regarding our kitchen situation. Apparently our good-for-nothing estate agents have a fridge for us - it's just not in our house yet. If we're lucky - and I seriously doubt we are - we might have a somewhat functional kitchen after the early next week. The suspense is unbearable.