My Christmas Wishlist

It's nearly Christmas.
In fact, it's Christmas the day after tomorrow (because here in Finland we celebrate it on Christmas Eve). When I was little I used to write these ridiculously long Christmas wishlists composed of all the cool items I'd found from the adverts certain big toy shops used to send. Obviously, when getting older you realise you don't really need all that stuff, and giving becomes more important. Nowadays, my greatest pleasure in terms of presents is without a doubt, getting them and giving them to people.
Buying funny and witty things for one's friends and family is nice, but sadly we all know that there are things money can't buy. Things you'd wish to be able to give to your loved ones but can't, things you know someone needs but can't get. If I believed in any sort of god I could at least have my hopes on him/her/whomever fulfilling those needs, but I don't. Therefore, even though I love Christmas, especially this one seems to become a little blue because of all the things I, or anyone else, can't give to those people who need, want or deserve them.

Still, I'd like to make my Christmas wish.

For you, my friends I wish strength and courage to do what you want to and dream to.
I wish that regardless of the hardships you face, you could hold your head up high - and when it gets too much, ask for help. I wish that no one had to feel completely alone or lost - that everyone had at least someone to turn to.
I wish happiness and adventures - moments of excitation.
I wish health: mental and physical.
I wish that all of you could enjoy of what you have and not mourn what you've lost.

And what do I wish for myself?

To be honest, I don't know.
Well, yes I do but it's not something that only involves me and I don't even know if getting it would actually be good for anyone.
I know what I probably should want.
But it's complicated.
And I'm being cryptic.

So, my only wish is that at least someone I really, truly care about would be happy.
I wish good things for all of my friends. Especially those who are struggling with something.
And I hope that at least one of them could be blessed with those good things.
I kind of wish the same for myself as well.

Nevertheless, have a happy Christmas everyone!
Please, be happy.

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