Another irritatingly short entry lacking substance and style

Whilst I should be working on my Black Widow cosplay for next week's Animecon, I am here telling you how I'd like to be here writing something more meaningful than this.
It's not that I didn't enjoy making that outfit. I've just recently found some sort of sparkle of inspiration for writing again and would very much like to make the most of it when it's still present.
This is so typical.
During those empty months of last autumn-winter-early spring I couldn't bring myself to do anything productive or creative - or enjoyable. Whereas now, when I have a job and plenty of other smaller projects running simultaneously, I suddenly find myself craving for time and at least partly wakeful state of mind to devote only for writing.

I wonder how I can actually live with these death-serious problems of mine.

Anyway, bow before my stunning tattoo.
I will go now and hopefully return with something with more something.