Additional notes to my previous entry.

I think I left my thoughts in halfway again and decided to clarify them just slightly more.
So, I said I don't find it necessary for lgbt-people to come out if they don't want to.

1. More important than coming out is not being forced to stay in closet. In other words, by creating a gay-friendly environment we give each other space to breathe and make up our own minds; those who want to bring forth their sexual identity are allowed to do it and those who wish to stay quiet don't feel any kind of pressure either.

2. Especially in sports it's worth considering whether one's sexuality is a matter of publicity at all. How many straight athletes talk about their heterosexuality? Having a serious relationship is another thing, though, and everyone should be allowed show their happiness to others if they want so.

I don't know if this clarified my point at all but basically I just wanted to note that there shouldn't be any "coming out". No one comes out about them being straight. It's great that people are more and more open for lgbt's coming out but over-enthusiasm isn't the best way possible.
Let's just not make a scene about it.

And for a side note; I'm not saying that people shouldn't be proud of themselves. As I mentioned before, I'm frickin' out and proud and certainly not afraid of showing it. But there's always the time and the place and I always think before I start talking about my girlfriend to strangers, relatives or mom's random colleagues.

Now finally, that's it.
Comment and ask if there's something in your minds.

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