Here we go again then. A friend of mine linked me an Finnish article (further information in English over here), in which it's said that United Nations has quit protecting people from being sentenced to death by the cause of their sexual orientation.
In other words, since November, executing LGBT people without any other crime than them being who they are, hasn't been criticized by the UN.
I can't even begin to understand this direction that United Nations has taken.
Apparently this decision was urged by a majority of African, Middle East and Caribbean nations.

Now, I know you expect me to rant and rage, but really, I'm just so disappointed and in a complete disbelief that I'm unable to get anything written down. Words totally have failed me.

I think human rights, which should be the guideline of the UN, apply to every single human being regardless of their age, gender, nationality, colour, sexual orientation or whatever.

We can only be punished for what we've done, and not what we are.
Or at least that's what I've learned to believe.

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