"Oh I wanna celebrate the whole world"

The summer is really here!
I took my last exam today and the best thing about it is that it was my final high school exam ever. In the autumn I'll have only the matriculation exams and the prelims and also an oral exam in English but no exam weeks anymore. yay :D
I'm in a great mood thanks to lots of things and to spread the joy I'm gonna share some of them with you, whoever are reading this.

First and foremost, I got summer job in mail sorting just like I was hoping for. My working hours take place at night from 22 pm to 5 am. I admit that doesn't sound very appealing but like I pointed out before, a student can't really afford whining. Besides it's bright almost 24/7 in summertime in Finland and I'll see the sunrise every morning when my shift ends - unless it rains. The work itself isn't mentally challenging so I can listen to music and audio books and fics on my iPhone not to mention the magnificent salary I'm going to earn during those two and a half months. Thus no complaints from my mouth! For now.

Now that I'm sure to get money I started planning a trip to London with a friend of mine. The flight tickets are already booked and today we found a suitable accommodation and a coach by which we're going to visit the capital of Wales, Cardiff (Torchwood was filmed there, that's why). I spent yesterday playing with Google Maps and marking all the places we want to see in London. Making plans is really fun and especially now since this is my first time to travel abroad without my family. It's great to be able to make the decision by myself not needing to listen to my siblings' demands and whines. I'm really looking forward this trip!

Then there's of course another trip. The one to NYC with my family. I've already listed many important things to do there and the departure is less than a month away now. We're going to watch the musical Wicked on Broadway and, well I'm gonna run around the city to see and experience as much as possible.

Not all the reasons for happiness are so far ahead. Tomorrow we're spending the annual outdoor brunch at school. Every year at the end of the spring semester and after the exams we have a special day when small groups of students set sort of picnic tables in a park nearby the school building. Well, not tables literally but, you know. The settings are usually made under a theme like Greek gods or Alice in Wonderland and the food and the costumes and possible accessories go all with the chosen theme. This year our theme is Hollywood. Or rather hot Hollywood actors. We're all wearing a suit and a mask made out of a printed picture of some hot Hollywood actor's face. I'm gonna be Robert Downey Jr. and naturally I'm having my Judesie beside me. I understand that at least Johnny Depp is coming too. Unfortunately Hugh Jackman was obliged to cancel his participation because of his work. That's too bad.
But fun to come tomorrow anyway

And the list of joy keeps on, um keeping going...

On Saturday is the schools' spring festival day. Eight close(ish) friends of mine are graduating from high school then and that means a party for me too. With these pieces of beauty on me.
Both the dress and the shoes were my granny's and I'm praying that those heels are not going to kill me. It's a long, long day after all and I'll have at least four graduation parties to visit after the ceremony at school. And I'll still need my feet when we go to some club to dance in the night.

And is there something else...?
I get to dance the entire summer.
John Barrowman is grrrreat.
The new issue of Rolling Stone Magazine with RDJ is finally on sale here.
I love each and every one of my friends because they're so adorable and awesome.

padam padam <3
Life is good!

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