Oh dear god, I'm panicking! I've got a job interview for today and now my heart's just gone crazy and I'm almost shaking. It's really stupid, I know, but this is my very first job interview and I really need that job. It's from the post office, that mail sorting job that I've -well not dreamed of but- been hoping for. The person who phoned me and invited to the interview told me that they have mostly night shifts to offer. I, however, can't afford refusing any offer so in case they're gonna employ me, there's an interesting summer holiday ahead for me. :P
I can't describe how much I hope I get that job. I'm already so excited about everything and not very keen on finding out how deep my mood would sank if I'm to be sent home with the thank_you_for_your_interest_towards_us_but_unfortunately...

But now let's stop the "what if" and be confident. Right?

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