Up and down, down and up

Now, let's continue with the body theme spiced up with some yoga-worship and spring depression which is likely to turn out to be only PMS.

I think the whole story began already last night when I was on my bed intending to start sleeping after having read some fanfiction. For some reason my beloved iPhone had decided not let me have any Internet connection that night which naturally pissed me off. I was not at all in the mood for reading anything requiring brain function so I couldn't possibly read The Schindler's List. Thus I spent the following thirty minutes trying to make my phone connect to the net and playing Bubble Shooter when I felt too pissed to struggle with the gadget. Happily that piece of annoyance finally found itself capable to make an Internet connection and had my fun.
But the point of this nonsense was that I had all too little of sleep and was worn-out in the morning. Then I was tired at school and as a result of various affairs I became even more tired and down and  annoyed by my own indolence. When I left school I was totally down in the doldrums so to speak. It didn't exactly improve my mood when I stopped by our local shop to ask if they could offer me a job for the summer and the answer was 'oh, we've already picked our summer-workers'. At home I couldn't do anything but lie on a couch with my really, really sore calf muscles, the soreness of which was my own fault since I had tortured them with too much stretching on Saturday.
If I was a rational person, I wouldn't have gone to yoga class because my calves were practically screaming in every step. Well, as I am most certainly not a rational person, I went to do yoga. But only because my ultimate favourite yoga teacher was there. Otherwise I would've stayed home, I swear. In the end I'm really glad I was and idiot and didn't listen to my body because it's been quite a while since I last had her yoga class. The way she guides and instructs is just somehow amazing. She's a contemporary dancer and you could think that her classes were very sporty or physically tough. In fact she always reminds that yoga is originally made for making people happy. The spirituality gets really highlighted in her classes and the connection between mind and body becomes the goal instead of the physical performance. I'm not saying her classes aren't challenging also physically, it's just not the absolute value. Also today she made me remember the true essence of yoga which had been buried somewhere deep in my mind. When I walked towards the metro station I smiled to myself and felt light and relieved. I gain similar kind of happiness from dancing too and the more I feel exhilarated about the things I can achieve by using my body and mind, the more I can respect myself and listen to my body's messages.
And how do we end up in PMS?
Well, I'm pretty convinced that my spring depression which seems to contain a lot of mood-swings and snapping too is more likely to be some kind of a pre-PMS-sort-of-thing.

I am truly astonished of how skilfully I always succeed in producing utter nonsense instead of writing about stuff I'm pretending to be writing.

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