Uninteresting psychology class stuff

Today I'll reveal my personality.
And by that I mean I'll tell you the result of a personality test we did at psychology class. The test contained 210 yes-no-questions and was made to define whether the test subject was extrovert or introvert through seven different characteristics.

According to the test I'm slightly more introvert. And now I'll explain the characteristics.
First, 1/7 of the questions was to find out whether I was active or passive. Result: active. How surprising. I think in this part no further explanation is needed so I'll move on.
Next, am I sociable or unsociable? It seems that I'm just a tiny bit more sociable, which I agree.
Then, do I take risks or am I cautious? Again, a little bit more cautious. So far so good.
Impulsive or discreet? Discreet. Erm... me?
Oh, it was so funny to see two of my friends' reactions when I told them about this result. One was like 'well, maybe you're discreet in some situations' and the other just laughed. Someone listening to our conversation pointed out that 'impulsive' means that you can bristle up suddenly and snap or yell at people etc. My friend just grinned and said 'yeah, exactly'. So, very well then. I am exceedingly discreet and never loose my temper.
The next one was between expressive and reserved. This one went quite right and affirmed that I was expressive which means that I show my feelings outwards.
The last two described me as considerate and responsible. Another big surprise.
I think the result is pretty much what I am. Though that impulsive-discreet-part makes me smile a little. I must have answered something weird or understood the questions wrong.

But obviously this test is the absolute truth, as we know.

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