Thrilled of sports

I'm so looking forward the time after the final exams. In Easter I'm going to Lapland to snowboard with my dad who does slalom (and can thus drag me forward when it's too flat to slide downhill). It's gonna be so much fun. I love to feel the speed when I come down the slope. On the top of the mountain I'm a little scared especially if the slope is steep or, even worse, icy. I always fear that I'll lose control over the board and fall badly. But, you know, when you're on the top you gotta get down somehow and so there's no choice but to slide downwards. When I feel the adrenaline making my blood rush and my muscles tense it's the best. To feel that you're able to increase the speed just a little more or turn just a little bit cooler. And when you finally get down, out of breath and sweaty. It's totally worth the fear.
I'm not that cool, though...

After Easter I'll start to go to yoga and pilates again and then I think I'll go try some contemporary dance classes. I think I'm a pretty good dancer but I feel little unsure since I've not been doing it regularly for many, many years. I hope I'll still have the potential to become better and, you know, maybe even really good. I'd always like to be the best.
And now I have decided to loose some weight for real. I participated in an aerobic-sort-of-dance-class both yesterday and today and jogged too. I feel so energetic now! It's unbelievable how doing sports can make my day and a whole week to speak the truth. Even though I like jogging I get bored if I have to do it every day so I'm happy to find these choreographic gyms.

Tomorrow me, my mum and my sister are going to see the ballet  La Sylphide. Last time I was watching ballet was in Christmas when we were in the Nutcracker. I'm so in love with ballet and ballerinas. The way they move is incredibly beautiful and they are really strong though they look like fragile fairies. Just look at their grand jet├ęs and pirouettes!
                                    Here's the fairy from La Sylphide.

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