Tomorrow is the day! I'll do my studio photoshoot in the afternoon and I'm sooo exited!!
Our assignment was to pick a piece of art, just any piece from sculpture to film and produce our interpretation of it. Sort of a tribute to that artwork. I wanted to choose a photographer and try to follow their style an that's how I found Richard Avedon. He was an extraordinary American photographer who's best-known of his portraits of celebrities and his fashion works. I fell in love with his manner of photographing at first sight. First of all the majority of his photos is gray scale which I love. Then he's got this unique touch to whomever he's photographing. He had the ability to observe people and make them show parts of their souls that are not usually visible. What I'm trying to say is that Avedon's photos more than technically correct and beautiful portraits. They show something more that is interesting and makes the viewer pause for a minute.

 I love the softness of the light in this one.
And the atmosphere is sweet an peaceful too.
                                          And here I like the unconventional pose.

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