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I have once again spent some time in a lovely Finnish rock festival where - as you may have guessed - I went solely because of Nightwish. But don't worry; I'm not going to do the hyper-excited fangirl-madness again. Actually I want to talk about clothes.
But first, have a picture of the charming backsides of my favourite band, along with the 30 000 people who were there jumping and screaming with me.
I'm right there in the front row!

(c) Timo Isoaho
But now - clothes.
First of all, I love clothes and dressing up to bits. I don't, however, have a special, recognisable, or definable style of how I dress; it's like my taste in music: varies according to the mood and the occasion. I do love colours but the majority of the items in my wardrobe is black. I think high heels look super pretty, but I mostly wear Converses. I'm definitely too lazy to always wear the kind of outfits that I think look the nicest. This is why I love special occasions.
When you have an event to take part in it gives a great excuse to make an effort and spend time actually considering your choice of clothes, not to mention hair and make up. I'm aware that many people find this extremely stressful and annoying and unnecessary, but for me it's like returning to childhood plays with Barbie dolls - with the exception that now I am the doll.

Going back to the topic of rock festivals and concerts that I briefly started with, I have to say that they are some of the most fun occasions for self-expression.
At the age of 13-15 or so my look was a teenage-gothic-cute-metal-fan-kinda-thing, of which I created this horrid collage which proves my overwhelming Photoshop skills. Like so.
Dearie me.
Anyway - yeah, I used to braid my hair with those fake dreads every morning - what I was saying is that I still enjoy wearing my rainbow leggings, plastic jewellery and military boots (without those hysterical neon-green shoelaces though) with band t-shirts, black nail polish and dark eye make up. And what a better place to do that than in rock concerts/ festivals where 90% of the people are too far gone to even notice that you look like a Spice Girl gone wild - which kind of describes my last weekend's look disturbingly accurately. Yeah, so bring me all the lace and leather!

I'm not a huge fan of parties in general, but what I would call civilized parties can be quite nice since there I'm allowed to bring forth my love for vintage dresses and those impractical high heels. As I declared, I am way too lazy to make an effort towards my outlook every single day, most days to be accurate. But when there's someone's wedding, graduation or something equivalent I can't help getting excited about superficial things, such as silky underskirts and pincurls.
Granny's dress is one of my favourites

Even though I hate job interviews and suchlike things, at least I get to look smart with my white shirt and ironed trousers.

And were I not socially awkward as fuck, I would love to participate more conventions and cosplay my favourite characters from movies, comics, books and TV. I've done Black Widow twice and I just adore that outfit because is such a kickass. But conventions in Finland are pretty small and full of folk I don't know and that's something I find extremely uncomfortable. Conventions abroad are massive and expensive but for some reason I don't mind being surrounded by strangers there. Wonder why that is.

I guess my point here is that, personally dressing up is a way of expressing myself - not necessarily telling anything about myself through my appearance but letting the different sides of me and my interests show more in certain occasions. I'm not particularly stylish, classy or fashionable but I do pay attention to what I wear: you wouldn't believe how many running leggings and shorts I own. But It's just that having something attractive, funny, cool or otherwise special on  makes me feel better about myself in some weird way.

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