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First of all, I appear to have some kind of a disorder which prevents me from using my writing and language skills (are those existent anyway?) when a certain musical group is in question. I have probably produced more readable text in the fifth grade when I started studying the marvellous language of English. *is contemplating whether or not to remove that blogpost of doom from the all-seeing eyes of the Internet*


As I was cycling home today (may I once again pose the question of how many of my posts in this blog start with a sentence similar to this?) with a bagful of books gathered from various libraries of my hometown, in addition to a slowly creeping back ache, I felt enormous gratitude towards said book-providing facilities. Just because, libraries and books, people!

Have some library porn.
And here.
So, what I wanted to say is that I'm really, really delighted about the great selection of literature that the public libraries of this city provide. The libraries as interiors don't look as awesome as those above but the system works brilliantly, I have to say. And that's just the basic local library or whatever I should call it. Just today, for the first time ever, I loaned some books from our Finnish National Library and the Library of the University of Helsinki as well. Some of their massive collections are public, you see. And I think they basically have all the books within their possession. Or at least it looks like so.
[The art of being coherent isn't my strongest qualities even when talking about libraries.]
Why such a library worship?
Perhaps because in comparison with the city of my University, my hometown wins hands down. Obviously, the Uni has its own, quite competent library facilities - in terms of both printed and electronic material. But. They city itself is plain pathetic. The library is really small and its resources saddeningly narrow. Whatever I've searched, I have not found.
So coming back here in the capital of Finland (yeah, it might be the central problem here: Newport is a tiny place in Wales, whereas Helsinki is the biggest place possible in Finland which has a reputation of being the paradise of education anyway) has been extremely good for my research and studies because now I can not only find everything that I need, but also get it delivered in the library building of my choice in a couple of days.

Result of all this being that at the very moment I have no less than 11 publications from the basic library (how the hell should I call it?), one from the National Library and one from the University library in my hands (not literally). Yay. Books are great.

And that's the end of today's very short and informative story.

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