Little things

Remember my pathetic attempt to gather together the Alphabet of my life?
I wont go back to that anymore but I'd like to try doing the Alphabet thingy differently. Starting now.

This time, though, I'll just pour all of them letters right here, in one post and they're all going to be small things because small things are the ones that matter. In addition to being little, they're also going to be nice things because deep down somewhere I'm a positive person who whines way too much in her blog.

A is for apples that grow in an apple tree in our backyard.

B is for books which can never be too many.

C is for candles that make winter nights warm and cosy.

D is for daydreaming anywhere at any time of day.

E is for escalators and all the stuff you can do in escalators: running in the wrong direction, pretending you're taller than your friends because you are standing above them, kissing your significant other, sitting and not giving a fuck when you're told to stand up.

F is for finding things you think have been lost forever.

G is for giggles that can't be hold back.

H is for Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy because I should re-read it as soon as possible.

I is for iPhone which is my mobile everything: phone, Internet, dictionary, music player, navigator.

J is for jumping up and down of excitation and happiness.

K is for kisses just because it is.

L is for light since I'm a visual person.

M is for mint-chocolate chip ice cream.

N is for Newport because that's where I'm going to live and study for the next three years.

O is for opposites because they highlight each other.

P is for pancakes served in breakfast.

Q is for quietness because sometimes it's has more to tell than words.

R is for random phone calls and messages that bring a smile on your face.

S is for stockings: the more colourful, the better.

T is for tea, which is so obvious I shouldn't need to explain.

U is for underpricing which, as rarely it happens, warms my wallet greatly since I'm a poor student.

V is for vintage shops crammed with pretty things.

W is for woollen socks because my toes are always frozen.

X is for the two X-chromosomes that make me biologically a woman.

Y is for yoghurt. Yoghurt is good.

Z is for zooming with a tele-objective. It's like a telescope.

 Have an enjoyable weekend whoever you are.

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