Tattoo dreams.

I really suck at writing this blog. I left the alphabet thing half-way and now I fail to complete the Film and Photography Challenge. My inspiration is so reliant on the current mood that I seemingly can't get anything finished.
Anyway, now I'd like to talk about a tattoo, the idea of which has been growing and evolving in my mind for about a year or so. If only money matters let me, I think I'm going to have it put into practice this summer.

For me it's vital that when you have something applied on you permanently there's some meaning in it. Personally I don't understand why people want to get impersonal tribal or butterfly tattoos just because they look nice. I don't judge, I just don't get it.

What I find the most important thing in my life is friends. And by friends I mean the people who I can trust, who understand me and who care about me. My friends help me and keep me sane just by existing. Some of them have said or done something concrete that has opened my eyes, others have just been there for me. Some of them I see rarely, others several times a week. I don't know if all of the people I consider my dearest friends think as highly of me but it really doesn't matter since love - platonic or romantic - isn't always mutual but is still important.

My idea of expressing all this in a tattoo is a sort of a tree. First I thought about a vine but recently I've grown more comfortable with a more tree-like appearance. On the branches there would be flowers, each of which would represent one of my friends. I still haven't managed to make up mind about what flowers I'd put there. I want them to symbolise something appropriate like friendship or support or care, but haven't yet found the ultimate favourite.

Geranium symbolises true friendship.This could be an option I think.Bit boring, though.

Pear blossoms represent affection and true friendship so they could fit as well. Especially due to the fact that they actually grow in a tree.
In fact, I think I really like them....

I think I might go for the pear blossom. Here's a beautiful picture of a pear tree. I suppose I could ask a friend of mine to stylise it quite a lot and add some curves and flourishes here and there.

The place for this tattoo has been clear from the beginning: I'd like it on my left side where its top would cover my left shoulder-blade and the stalk would extend all the way to my hips. I'm also pondering whether I should make the roots curve on the front tracing the line of the hip-bone. I quite like the idea but I'm not entirely sure before I have some kind of a sketch of the thing.

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  1. Kurjenpolvet on nätin värisiä, mutta noi päärynän kukkaset ovat kauniita! Ei siis todellakaan hullumpi vaihtoehto. :)