Day 10 - A movie character you'd like to go shopping with.

Mostly I go shopping by myself because I know I'm not the most enjoyable company when wandering from store to store. Sometimes I'm so stingy I refuse to buy anything before I've seen everything every shop has to offer to make sure I don't end up getting the most expensive products. Basically this means that going shopping with me will take the entire day, probably with only a minor tea break somewhere in the middle.
I'm a complicated person even when it comes to shopping, thus I need someone with an infernal patience and nerve to come with me. I also appreciate an honest opinion when I ask for it. Usually I know myself whether I want something or not but in some occasions I expect my shopping partner to tell me what they think and then I don't want to hear some incomprehensible mumbling or "yeah, 's nice". If a dress looks terrible on me, please open your mouth and say it.
I'm also demanding even when it comes to shopping.

So, a movie character with patience, good taste and honest opinions.

I guess Miranda Priestly would be a little bit too much.
She would surely speak her mind but I think she would start with me being too short and too fat.

 She's not famous for being particularly patient either.

Jude Law's Watson on the other hand has an extremely good taste and given that he works and lives with Mr Holmes, his patience must be limitless. I suppose Watson is also honest about what he says so maybe I should go shopping with him.