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As you may know, I'm applying for some British universities to study photography.
The deadline for the application is in few weeks and just a moment ago I finished the bitchiest part of it: the personal statement that is. Basically it's all about me: why I want to study the course and why would I be the best student to study it in YOUR university. So, I've spent the previous three days writing down impressive bullshit about myself. How cool is that?
Well, anyway, I sent that story to ISO ry, which is a Finnish organisation specialised in helping students who want to study in the UK. They have a personal statement correction service where you can send your ps and get it back with it's spelling, grammar and content checked by a volunteer. Now I'm waiting fingers crossed to receive it on time.
However, you can read my version here and now if you're interested.
VoilĂ !

The universal language understood worldwide is the language of images. All kinds of images touch us and have an effect on us, but especially photographs are vital in today’s world where it is essential to provide and pass on information from one side of the planet to the other. The power of photographs lies in the fact that most people do not question them, but assume them to be truthful pieces of reality. When watching photos we tend to ignore that, even though the camera captures light as it is, the photographers always leave their own handprint on every image. It is the small choices that make each photo unique and different: the exclusion, the composition, the angle, the exposure. Considering the huge impact that all kinds of images can have on people, I personally would like to believe that as a creator of images one could make a difference.
Three and a half years of studying in the Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Visual Arts taught me a great deal about visual culture and the power of images. The first of my five photography courses introduced me to a traditional camera, working in a darkroom and developing a black-and-white film. It was almost magical to see how my first photograph appeared on the photographic paper, seemingly out of nowhere. During the following years I participated in courses (all of which consist of about 50 hours of classes, excluding the time spent in homework) in which I learned the basics of Photoshop and working in a studio, the history of photography and the techniques of photographic art as well as photojournalism. My enthusiasm and hard work were noticed when I left the school: I was granted with a scholarship of 200 Euros due to excellent results in studies and successful photography studies.
Whatever I do, I always aim for my personal best. I’m hard working and eager to learn. This urge to endeavour perfection, without burning out, made me choose to finish the upper secondary school in three and a half years. Until April 2010 I was a member of a synchronized skating team and trained at least five days a week. Almost ten years of practicing synchronized skating and participating in competitions accustomed me to handling difficulties and disappointments, receiving critic and analysing my own performance in order to improve my skills. Intense training with a team of 25 people and the annual changes in the composition made me develop natural teamwork skills. In several seasons the team has shown their respect and reliance on me by voting me the team captain. Even during the seasons I had not been named as a captain I was given occasional confidential duties and many team members tended to confide in me. Despite this remarkable experience of very intense collaboration I am also capable of independent work. I enjoy working on my own terms: intuitively, realising my own visions and being free to modify my plans as I go.
The possibility of getting my voice heard through photographs is only one reason why I would like to study photography in a university. The fact that every viewer has their own unique way of seeing and interpreting images intrigues me as well. I want to tell stories and show others how I see the world. I also want to learn new techniques and profound my knowledge of photography. The chance to get to know new people and new culture outside the borders of my own country thrills me. I believe in my potential to express myself and create with photography.

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