T-Shirts FTW

As I don't have to go to school at the moment, nor have I started in my job yet I have way too much spare time to do unimportant things.
One of my favourite manners of spending this leftover time is browsing various online shops in the  search for cool stuff I'd like to buy if I was really rich.
My newest addiction is t-shirts with awesome prints. RedBubble is an art community, members of which can upload their creations on line and then people like me can buy, for example tees with those gorgeous artworks. Gotten totally bored with unimaginative and mass-produced t-shirts of H&M and other fashion chains, I immediately fell in love with the incredibly wide range of RedBubble's prints available for tees.

Here are the first three shirts I'm going to order. A lot more is to come, I suppose.

Perfect for a tea lover like myself.

Need say no more.

Doctor Who and Star Wars combined!
Frankly, AWESOME.

And now, I'll leave for my dance class.

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  1. Ooooo, mullekin kelpais toi teekannunen. ^^